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Our history

We do not now nor have we ever belonged to a political party. We do not cling to any ideology, nor are we affiliated with any sectarian group. Not ever in all our long trajectory have we had any previous difficulties with justice. Who can explain to us why, in a little more than one year in Logroño, where we went to gather strength and capital, almost 40 judicial cases of all types were brought against us? An eviction procedure, nº 132-E/2001, was brought by Miguel Abad Vial (DNI 16.509.157-X, owner of Abad and Blanco Consultants, son of the proprietor of the store that we leased, Jose Abad Pereda) in small claims court nº 6 of Logroño, whose judge Isabel Gonzalez Fernanadez, was at the same time senior judge. These charges continue to be in force until today (by royal decree 109/1998 of 23 January). They are the representation of the most detestable villainy and cruel scandal, illegitimately empowering Miguel Abad Vial, of all our growing business (of which he continues to benefit until today), being able to satiate in this way his voracious greed, taking control also with impunity of personal, irreplaceable objects, whose value cannot be measured – old photographs of our nine children, unique books, diplomas, private documentation of our business, unpublished music, etc., with total conniving and complicity of intervening functionaries of the courthouse and of various other persons.

This infamous procedure was carried out with total premeditation and treachery since we were not physically in Logroño, owing to the circumstances that compromised our security and liberty, as we denounced before the consul Luis Alberto Troisi and before the judges of Logroño, with none of our complaints bearing fruit. The pressure and assault that we lived through generated such terror in us that it seriously threatened the life of our son at birth. The right to life, physical integrity, and security, with total disregard for the human condition, were violated by all of the intervening actors which transgressed the most sacred principle of the right to life, of which the same life, maximizing a latent life in the maternal womb, in this case of Excalibur, is of sacred character and no one can lay claim to it, nor can any power or faculty damage it. This right, within the scope of human rights, has a primal value superior to any nation-state bearing entity. Those in charge have the obligation to value it, familiarize themselves with it and defend it, constituting a judicially organized state.

Of this procedure, a copy of which is in our possession, sent by the secretary of said courts, Fabiola Llorente Llorente, on the 22d May, 2006, is the incontestable and irrefutable proof of how the judges, by means of their actions, can destroy a family for life, decreeing their civil death which it brings them, given the state of the social reality of Spain, to the “genocide of slow death.”

In order to find a reasonable answer, we had to appeal to one of the best pamphlets of the aforementioned psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, “The Lucifer Effect – the ‘Why” of Evil,” where we found the steps of conduct of the systematic power that like a true leviathan determined our lives. The dark plot of spurious interests of particular persons allied with the administration, together with the exercise of a single power that determines the very future of persons, converted itself into an infernal machine in favour of the destruction of those who confront it.
The nightmare that we have been forced to live through has been made possible through the most absolute incompletion of the constitutional rule in effect in the Spanish state on the part of those who should have been subject to the obligatory completion of this fundamental rule.

In our case, the preamble, articles 10 (.1,.2), 15, 17, 18, 24 (.1, .2), 39 (.1, .2, .4), 43 (.1), 53 (.1), and more, were converted in mere paper, making way for this flagrant violation of human right and of those treaties and international accords ratified by Spain. The words of the chief of the cabinet of the delegation of the government of Rioja, José Ramón Fernández Ibánez, are faithful testimony of the aforesaid, when finding us in the consulate headquarters of Argentina in Madrid on 29 October, 2001, he spat out via telephone to the general consul Luis Alberto Troisi, “This family has no judicial guarantee in Rioja.” Over and above other grave considerations for our persons, these words are nothing more than the corroboration of the indefensibility, neglect and persecution that we are denouncing in the consular headquarters before the maximum authority. Even today, almost 8 years later, this complaint is still in force.

On 5 January 2009, we received two citations which called us to declare as charged in a procedure initiated 25 October, 2001, case Nº845/2001 in small claims court nº 5 of Logroño. Despite the fact that the superior judge certified on 15 May, 2008 that there did not appear in his data base any pending cause against us, the case was reopened in the court of instruction nº 3, case nº 3102/2008 of 26 December, 2008.
The photocopies of this procedure that the current judge, Olga Ruiz Madrona, refuses to certify us, show from the beginning judicial nonsense that carries with it negation of full rights in these actions. What they really reveal is the premeditated ferocity that hangs over our persons, converting the words that pour out from the judge of the cabinet of the delegation of the government of La Rioja in a real stigma for us and our children.
Who can stand such pain, fear and terror produced in our children? Who can return the future cut off by the decision of a few judges? Who will demand responsibility of Juan Fernando López Aguilar, the current Euro-deputy and of Luis López Guerra, acting judge in the Tribunal of Human Rights of Strasbourg, when they ignored our complaints and denunciations, being ministers of justice and secretary of state of justice, respectively? Which tribunal in the world is declared competent to apply the Principle of Universal Justice in order to judge those responsible for such barbarity?
Esteban Beltrán, director of Amnesty International in Spain, in his pamphlet “Twisted Rights,” asks, “Who will appear before the parliament or before a tribunal for not respecting the rights to a job, a house, of so many people? Which tribunal will judge those responsible for poverty?” These questions also have full validity in our case, for which we launch them into the world in order that men committed to true justice can find the answer.

In conclusion what better than to heed the words of Professor Zimbardo which always act a regenerating wisdom to return hope, when he says, “Therefore, the message of dismissal with which we could put an end to our long voyage to the heart of darkness and back again, is that we ought to celebrate heroic acts, and the people who do them, because they establish bonds that reaffirm the human connection. The evil that still lives among us will be slowed and finally beaten, by the superior good of the collective heart and of the heroic determination of each man and woman. And this is not an abstract concept because, as Aleksandr Solzhenistsin, Russian poet and former prisoner in the gulag of Stalin, reminds us, ‘. . . the line that divides good from evil runs through the heart of every human being. And who wants to destroy a part of one’s own heart?’”

The movie

The movie is in spanish, but you can download here the english version text file of it.

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